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Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Houtem 8630 : 23 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Death?Brykaert Barbara Rosalia Joanne?
15 century
 Birthabout 1470Steen Maerten (39882)?
16 century
 Birthabout 1500Mattardt Jooris (19942)?
 Birthabout 1500Stappen Cathelyne (19943)?
 Birth1530Haelewyck Antoine (9970)?
 Birth1530Mattardt Adriana (9971)?
17 century
 Marriage11 January 1631Coene Christian (2492) with Ghyselen Maeyken (2493)?
 Birth27 December 1631Coene François (1246)?
 Deathbefore 1634Ghyselen Frans (4986)?
 Death1646Coene Christian (2492)?
 Birthabout 1657Coene Janneken?
 Death7 November 1693Coene François (1246)?
18 century
 Birth31 May 1711Alexander Maria B.?
 Birth5 October 1712Alexander Lucie (155)Source S568
 Death1714Verkynderen Jan?
 Death25 January 1716Pauwels Maeyken (1247)?
 Death21 April 1729Coene Janneken?
 Birth22 December 1770Mahieu Isabelle Constance?
 Birth2 May 1783Tiersoone Anne Therese?
19 century
 Birth3 August 1851Adam Henri François?
 Death22 January 1868Adam Jean Baptiste?
 Marriage19 April 1882Adam Henri François with Ghyselen Eugenia Maria?
20 century
 Marriage26 November 1912Top Remi Jules with Adam Irma Celina?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Ieper 8900 : 4 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Marriage9 June 1914Rouzeré Cyriel with Notredame Emma Maria?
 Death18 July 1943Rouzeré Cyriel?
 Death6 February 1954Notredame Emma Maria?
 Death9 July 1972Vandaele Celina Maria?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Ingelmunster 8770 : 15 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Birth7 June 1796Verbeke Agnes?
19 century
 Death7 November 1807D'hondt Maria Theresia?
 Death19 August 1811Verbeke Dominicus?
 Birth11 February 1820Debo Rosalia?
 Death22 January 1835Comeyne Camilla Victoria?
 Birth5 October 1839Uyttenhove Carolus Ludovicus?
 Death15 May 1841Debo Ivo?
 Birth6 October 1843Deblauwe Maria Ludovica?
 Birth23 August 1845Deblauwe Bruno?
 Birth8 January 1849Deblauwe Maria Theresia?
 Birth24 January 1851Deblauwe Bruno?
 Death14 February 1853Deblauwe Petrus (Pieter)?
 Marriage21 November 1862Vannieuwenhuyse Carolus Ludovicus with Deblauwe Maria Ludovica?
 Marriage11 September 1868Uyttenhove Carolus Ludovicus with Deblauwe Maria Theresia?
 Marriage20 November 1895Eyndels Albericus Ernestus with Uyttenhove Elodia Maria?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Izegem 8870 : 10 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth6 April 1852Sinnaeve (Seynaeve) Leonie Octavie?
 Birth19 July 1868Dupont Alfred Marie Jean Pierre?
 Marriage23 October 1875Deblauwe Bruno with Sinnaeve (Seynaeve) Leonie Octavie?
 Birth21 September 1883Deblauwe Cyriel Camille?
 Birth2 February 1887Deblauwe Cyriel Camiel?
 Birth31 October 1888Deblauwe Maria Silvia?
 Birth9 October 1890Deblauwe Camille?
 Birth20 March 1896Deblauwe Magdalena Sylvie?
 Marriage3 March 1897Vannieuwenhuyse Camiel with Dejonckheere Irma Helena?
20 century
 Death26 May 1940Meert HendrikSource S3



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Izenberge 8691 : 18 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
17 century
 Death1667Ternynck Jacobus (1244)?
18 century
 Birth15 October 1716Mollet Isabella Clara?
 Birth15 October 1716Mollet Josephus?
 Birth10 November 1718Mollet Petrus Jacobus?
 Birth6 March 1721Mollet Joannes Baptist?
 Death26 February 1722Mollet Josephus?
 Death29 May 1728Maes Petronella Theresia?
 Birth1734Linseele Philippe Gabriel?
 Birth18 December 1770Linseele Maria Clara?
 Death1795Cuvelier Maria Joanna?
19 century
 Death16 January 1800Linseele Philippe Gabriel?
 Birth19 December 1868Baes Henricus Julius?
 Birth2 October 1874Baes Medardus Amandus?
20 century
 Marriage27 September 1922Dereuddre Hector Victor with Markey Magdalena Maria Catharina?
 Death20 December 1923Markey Engelbertus Franciscus?
 Death2 May 1934Schipman Romanie?
 Death1947Dereuddre Hector Victor?
 Death16 September 1971Markey Maria Ludovica?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Jabbeke 8490 : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth28 September 1897Gheldof Elisa?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Kaaskerke 8600 : 8 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Birth1782Druwé Felice Therese?
 Birth10 August 1785Disramout Constantia Josepha?
19 century
 Death2 April 1803Caron Joanna Victoria?
 Marriage6 May 1807Delmaire Antonius Joseph with Druwé Felice Therese?
 Marriage22 February 1808Druwé Augustin with Roose Marie?
 Birth16 October 1812Druwé Maria Ludovica?
 Death11 October 1813Druwé Petrus Jacobus?
 Death31 October 1831Druwé Philippe Jacques?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Kanegem 8700 : 1 event

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Tielt, tBelgium

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Marriage15 November 1849Spriet Ferdinand with Desmet Rosalie?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Keiem 8600 : 5 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Death21 July 1822Handschoewerker Henricus Benedictus?
 Birth4 April 1833Vallaeys Rosalia?
 Death20 August 1836Verstraete Isabella Clara?
 Birth15 January 1886Zwaenepoel Leonie?
20 century
 Marriage6 March 1928Devlamynck Hilaire Victor with Zwaenepoel Leonie?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Klerken 8650 : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Birth1786Jaecques Helena Francisca?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Knokke 8300 : 4 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
17 century
 Burial16 July 1642Le Conte Petrus (2506)?
20 century
 DeathSeptember 1990Hinrichsmeyer Ditmar Karl?
 Death11 August 1995Mayer Josiane Hélène Elisabeth?
21 century
 Death4 June 2012Meert Marie-Anne Céline?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Knokke-Heist 8300 : 4 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Death25 September 1990Lepinoy Yolande?
21 century
 Burial9 March 2013Van der Meulen Gilbert Karel Constant?

or Knokke

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Death1982Paelstermans Prospert?
 Death22 August 1984Meert Maria?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Koekelare 8680 : 3 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Marriage8 February 1801Handschoewerker Henricus Benedictus with Verstraete Isabella Clara?
 Birth15 March 1811Handschoewerker Henricus Amandus?
 Birth11 January 1887Declerck Auguste?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Koksijde 8670 : 7 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Birth28 November 1783Capon Anna Theresia?
19 century
 Marriage28 April 1888Caron Ivo Leo Bavo with Debal Leonia Rosalia Cornelia?
20 century
 Death8 April 1944Vanbillemont Robert?


Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Marriage1822Butaeye Benoît Joseph with Hovaere Marie cornélie?
 Birth19 July 1836Butaeye Rosalie Constance?
 Death1 March 1838Hovaere Marie cornélie?
 Death21 May 1862Butaeye Benoît Joseph?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Kortrijk 8500 : 3 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Death19 July 1921Ghyselen Eugenia Maria?
 Death23 April 1977Vandenameele Elodie?
21 century
 Death25 September 2009Robberechts Jeannine?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Krombeke 8972 : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Birth26 January 1754Temperville Jeanne Thérèse?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Lampernisse 8600 : 6 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Birth?Burggrave Maria Josepha?
18 century
 Birth15 June 1792Deburchgrave Norbertus Franciscus?
19 century
 Death17 May 1855Deburchgrave Norbertus Franciscus?
 Birth6 July 1883Caron Elza Camilla?
 Birth6 November 1885Caron Amandus Franciscus?
 Birth27 January 1887Caron Hieronymus?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Ledegem 8880 : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Death27 February 1993Devlamynck Angele?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Leffinge 8432 : 16 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth31 March 1856Vaneessen Maria Ludovica?
 Birth12 November 1870Baeckelandt Silvia?
 Birth7 February 1875Boedt Petrus Jacobus?
 Marriage4 May 1883Meyers Petrus with Vaneessen Maria Ludovica?
 Birth30 April 1886Meyers Victor?
 Birth14 May 1891Uyttenhove Valentina?
20 century
 Marriage23 September 1903Boedt Petrus Jacobus with Baeckelandt Silvia?
 Birth20 April 1905Uyttenhove Josephina Maria?
 Marriage24 August 1926Meyers Victor with Uyttenhove Valentina?
 Death10 October 1929Vaneessen Maria Ludovica?
 Death1 March 1939Meyers Petrus?
 Death16 November 1943Uyttenhove Emilius?
 Death23 June 1946Baeckelandt Silvia?
 Death14 October 1951Boedt Petrus Jacobus?
 Death14 May 1963Meyers Victor?
 Death13 February 1964Uyttenhove Valentina?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Leisele 8691 : 21 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
17 century
 Birth23 October 1620Decourt Marie?
 Marriage30 April 1623Teernynck Joannes Adrianus (Adrien) (2488) with Verpoort Anna (2489)Source S761
 Marriage30 May 1623Verpoort Jacobus with Teernynck Joanna (Jeanne)Source S647
 Birth19 February 1624Teernynck GuilielmusSource S768
 Birth25 January 1626Ternynck Jacobus (1244)Source S766
 Birth28 December 1628Teernynck Joanna?
 Marriage1628Pauwels Guilliamus (2494) with de Waele Maeyken (2495)?
 Death11 April 1634Teernynck Joanna (Jeanne)?
 Birth19 January 1636Dekeyser Marc (308)?
 Birth16 February 1639Teernynck JoannesSource S765
 Christening17 February 1639Teernynck Joannes?
 Death4 October 1647Verpoort Anna (2489)Source S759
 Death13 December 1652Teernynck Joannes Adrianus (Adrien) (2488)Source S758
 Death8 February 1658de Broucke Cornelis (2490)?
 Marriage31 May 1658Ternynck Jacobus (1244) with de Broucke Anna (1245)?
 Death1673Decourt Jean?
 Birth7 December 1688Ternynck Anne Françoise (311)?
 Birth13 May 1691Ternynck Jeanne Godelieve?
18 century
 Birth22 December 1732Mahieu Pierre André?
19 century
 Birth17 April 1898Keirsebilck Maria Cornelia?
20 century
 Marriage9 June 1931Markey Alphonsus Aloisius with Keirsebilck Maria Cornelia?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Leke 8600 : 8 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth15 October 1843Handschoewerker Aloysius?
 Birth6 April 1869Verveynne Leontina?
 Birth24 February 1883Delrue Aloïs?
 Birth1 September 1888Vanacker Emma?
20 century
 Marriage24 November 1909Delrue Aloïs with Vanacker Emma?
 Death7 April 1948Delrue Aloïs?
 Death18 September 1953Vanacker Emma?
 Death1 June 1983Muyllaert Zulma Melania?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Leysele : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Birth14 September 1734De Schodt Jean François?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Lo 8647 : 37 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Birth17 February 1704Marcquez Petrus Franciscus?
 Birth28 February 1706Mollet Jacobus Josephus?
 Birth31 March 1707Mollet Petronella Theresia?
 Birth27 June 1707Marquè Maria Francisca?
 Birth6 January 1709Mollet Maria Chatarina?
 Birth7 March 1735De Waele Petronella Theresia?
 Birth31 January 1737De Waele Jacobus Leonardus?
 Death12 August 1746Marque Petronella Theresia?
 Death22 April 1750De Waele Pieter Jacobus?
 Birth21 September 1750Lauwers Maria Joanna (79)?
 Birth25 March 1762Ghyselen Josephus Franciscus?
 Marriage8 June 1776Markey Petrus Jacobus Leonardus (78) with Lauwers Maria Joanna (79)?
 Birth1 July 1777Marquè Franciscus Eusebius?
 Birth27 January 1780Marquè (Markey) Francisca Joanna Theresia (39)?
 Birth25 November 1781Marquè Francisca?
 Birth15 March 1783Marquè Petrus Jacobus Ludovicus?
 Birth16 June 1786Markey Eugenia Francisca?
 Birth14 December 1787Markey Jacobus Franciscus Ludovicus?
 Birth23 December 1788Marquè Engelbertus Josephus?
 Marriage9 February 1790Markè Franciscus Josephus with Burggrave Maria Josepha?
 Marriage27 August 1799Deschodt Cornil Jean with Markey Maria Francisca?
19 century
 Marriage16 February 1801Markè Alexander Jacobus with Bonte Anna Theresia?
 Birth2 January 1804Ameyt Henrica Francesca?
 Death28 August 1811Bonte Anna Theresia?
 Birth1814Deman Coleta?
 Death3 September 1824Delefortrie Anna Theresia?
 Marriage24 November 1824Marquè Engelbertus Josephus with Bouden Eugenia Victoria?
 Death21 August 1827Markè Alexander Jacobus?
 Death7 December 1829Bouden Eugenia Victoria?
 Death27 December 1829Lauwers Maria Joanna (79)?
 Death1830Boussemaere Philippus Benedictus?
 Marriage8 October 1838Marquè Engelbertus Josephus with Ameyt Henrica Francesca?
 Birth18 January 1845Markey Maria Theresia?
 Marriage3 February 1864Notredame Victor Romanus with Markey Maria Theresia?
 Birth16 February 1886Neve Elisa Ludovica Cornelia?
20 century
 Marriage1 June 1904Notredame Edmond Cornelius with Neve Elisa Ludovica Cornelia?
 Death26 December 1920Neve Elisa Ludovica Cornelia?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Lo-Reninge 8647 : 2 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
17 century
 Birth25 November 1686Bargie Jacibus Norbertus (314)?
18 century
 Birth26 May 1722Brikaert Philippe Jacobus?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Lombardsijde 8434 : 12 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Death7 April 1975Devlamynck Roland?


Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Birth13 July 1779Mortier Leonardus Joannes?
 Burial7 October 1779Mortier Leonardus Joannes?
19 century
 Birth30 March 1813Pynte Catharina Fransisca?
 Death7 April 1816Jansseune Maria Joanna?
 Death27 May 1816Pynte Charles Joseph?
 Marriage1 May 1840Ghewy Pieter Jan with Pynte Catharina Fransisca?
 Birth24 March 1841Ghewy Franciscus Josephus (Frans)?
 Death20 May 1853Mortier Maria Therese?
 Death16 September 1872Ghewy Pieter Jan?
 Birth3 December 1876Ghewy Renilde Maria?
 Death3 October 1896Pynte Catharina Fransisca?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Mannekensvere 8433 : 13 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Birth3 August 1740Beuckelaere Joannes?
 Birth28 November 1793Gisquiere Barbara Xaveria Francisca?
19 century
 Marriage3 May 1843Handschoewerker Henricus Amandus with Misselyn Maria Theresia?
 Marriage2 May 1854Uyttenhove Seraphinus with Misselyn Amelia?
 Death14 December 1860Misselyn Engelbertus?
 Birth19 March 1864Uyttenhove Emilius?
 Birth5 February 1869Debaere Sidonia Sophia?
 Death30 October 1870Vandenbroucke Joanna?
 Marriage7 May 1881Devlamynck Leopoldus Petrus with Peel Philomene Justine?
 Death1 December 1883Peel Philomene Justine?
 Marriage11 May 1891Devlamynck Hermanus Stephanus with Debaere Sidonia Sophia?
20 century
 Death21 May 1902Uyttenhove Seraphinus?
 Death26 February 1950VanLeenhove Romanie Sophia?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Markegem 8720 : 6 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth17 June 1820Desmet Rosalia?
 Birth10 March 1822Desmet Romaen?
 Death11 October 1824De Smet Maximiliaen?
 Marriage15 April 1853Verhulst Roger with Desmet Rosalia?
 Death31 January 1864Tack Sophia?
 Death3 March 1887Desmet Rosalia?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Menen 8930 : 2 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Death14 July 1940Vanbesien Bertha Maria?


Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Death30 October 1983Vandendriessche Raymond?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Merkem 8650 : 6 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Birth?Verstraete Joanna Dorothea?
18 century
 Birth19 May 1766Vanhouwe Marie-Thérèse?
 Birth1774Tolpe Benedictia Florentine Benoite?
 Birth1795Martin Sophia Carolina?
19 century
 Birth17 May 1818Mortier Amelia Sophia?
 Birth15 March 1896Vandaele Celina Maria?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Meulebeke 8760 : 3 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth6 May 1801Verhulst Roger?
 Death24 February 1830Verhulst Jan?
 Death11 April 1847Ampe Coleta?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Middelkerke 8430 : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Birth7 January 1777Pynte Charles Joseph?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Moere 8470 : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Birth6 May 1907Merlevede Martha?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Nieuwkapelle 8600 : 25 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Death?Vantoortelboo Sophia?
18 century
 Marriage17 August 1723Maes Jan Baptist with Frays Marie Jeanne?
 Birth12 December 1724Messelein Maria Clara?
 Birth2 May 1737Misseleyn Philippus Jacobus?
 Marriage5 August 1749Marcquez Petrus Franciscus with Messelein Maria Clara?
 Birth4 April 1751Coolsaet Leonardus Alexandrus?
 Birth5 October 1775Misselyn Engelbertus?
 Death8 September 1776Misseleyn Philippus Jacobus?
 Death18 November 1793Markey Isabella Clara Constantia?
19 century
 Birth25 August 1808Markey Philippe Jacques?
 Death28 August 1875Markey Barbara Josepha?
 Birth2 August 1883Markey Maria Ludovica?
 Birth10 July 1884Markey Elvira Philomena?
 Birth10 August 1885Markey Philomena Maria Silvia?
 Birth6 February 1887Markey Josephus Bernardus?
 Death9 August 1887Markey Philomena Maria Silvia?
 Birth12 January 1888Markey Julma Maria Cornelia?
 Birth13 April 1889Markey Hieronimus Josephus Cornelius?
 Birth8 September 1890Markey Carolus Josephus?
 Death24 March 1892Markey Julma Maria Cornelia?
 Birth17 July 1892Markey Ludovicus Jacobus?
 Birth20 August 1893Markey Alphonsus Aloisius?
 Birth12 May 1895Markey Magdalena Maria Catharina?
 Birth2 April 1897Markey Cyrillus Marie Hyppolytus?
 Birth19 August 1899Markey Petrus Cornelius?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Nieuwkerke 8950 : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 BirthMarch 1825Comyn Florentine Cécile?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Nieuwpoort 8620 : 64 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Birth?Ketelers Anna Theresia Constantia?
 Birth?Meynne Joannes Franciscus?
18 century
 Marriage30 March 1799Caron Henricus Josephus (36) with De Wally Constantia Josepha (37)?
 Marriage7 August 1799Pynte Charles Joseph with Mortier Maria Therese?
19 century
 Birth6 November 1835Meynne Theresia Constantia?
 Death1 April 1841Ketelers Anna Theresia Constantia?
 Death28 October 1844Meynne Joannes Franciscus?
 Death4 August 1847Gisquiere Judocus Isidorus Zacharias (38)?
 Marriage19 August 1863Deschepper Joannes Petrus with Carron Amelia Genoveva?
 Birth20 June 1877Markey Gabrielle Markey?
 Birth19 March 1879Markey Odil?
 Birth1 April 1880Markey Cyriel?
 Birth17 March 1882Markey Aime?
 Birth1883Markey Marie?
 Birth1884Markey Bertha?
 Death3 May 1885Carron Amelia Genoveva?
 Birth16 April 1886Markey Emiel?
 Marriage27 November 1887Uyttenhove Emilius with Thomaere Silvia?
 Death24 March 1888Markey Karel Lodewijk?
 Death27 April 1891Markey Marie?
20 century
 Death31 December 1938Ghewy Renilde Maria?
 Death11 March 1984Van Lerberghe Zenobie Valezie?


Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Birthabout 1739De Wally Petrus (74)?
19 century
 Birth27 June 1807Storme Petrus Franciscus?
 Birth20 February 1808Sissau (Syssau) Anna Theresia?
 Death9 August 1816Carron Isabella Rosalia?
 Birth22 February 1817Carron Dorothea Catharina?
 Death13 July 1818Carron Dorothea Catharina?
 Birth25 October 1819Carron Franciscus Arsenius?
 Birth3 November 1820Barbier Amelia Regina?
 Death18 May 1821Carron Franciscus Arsenius?
 Birth5 August 1821Carron Henricus Franciscus?
 Birth7 March 1823Caron Carolus Ludovicus?
 Birth5 December 1825Carron Amelia Genoveva?
 Birth13 November 1827Soen Sophia?
 Birth10 March 1834Soen Seraphina Theresia?
 Marriage25 September 1835Carron Jacques Henri Jacobus with Sissau (Syssau) Anna Theresia?
 Birth11 October 1844Vandenbroucke Joannes Baptiste?
 Birth18 April 1846Dedeystere Gregorius Antonius?
 Death23 April 1847de Corte (Decorte) Catharina Cecilia?
 Birth5 May 1848Dedeystere Fransiscus Josephus?
 Death7 December 1848Carron (Caron - Karon) Franciscus Engelbertus?
 Marriage5 February 1853Caron Petrus Joannes with Barbier Amelia Regina?
 Birth31 December 1853Pylyser Romania Sophia?
 Marriage28 April 1860Markey Benedictus Franciscus with Soen Seraphina Theresia?
 Marriage24 February 1862Storme Petrus Franciscus with Markey Sophia Helena?
 Death8 March 1867Vandenbroucke Joannes?
 Death20 October 1869Rubben Seraphina Theresia?
 Marriage3 February 1875Dedeystere Gregorius Antonius with Devlamynck Sophia Amelia?
 Birth31 July 1878Verhaeverbeke Leonie?
 Marriage27 April 1881Dedeystere Fransiscus Josephus with Devlamynck Maria Theresia?
 Marriage2 May 1881Villeirs Henri with Caron Maria?
 Marriage6 May 1891Van Lerberghe Henricus Ludovicus with Markey Romania Sophia?
 Marriage14 September 1899Hillebrandt Seraphinus Leopoldus with Ghewy Renilde Maria?
20 century
 Marriage25 April 1907Vanheste Carolus Camillus with Devlamynck Euphrasie Marie?
 Birth21 May 1909Dewulf Madeleine?
 Death30 October 1914De Vos EduardusSource S256
 Death18 December 1926Hillebrandt Seraphinus Leopoldus?
 Death13 December 1947Devlamynck Ludovicus Karolus?
 Death8 July 1963Meert Emelina?
 Death1 April 1972Wybou Willem?


Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Marriage8 January 1811Misselyn Engelbertus with Vandenbroucke Joanna?
 Birth30 May 1813Misselyn Maria Theresia?
 Birth2 November 1829Misselyn Amelia?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Noordschote 8647 : 5 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
17 century
 Death19 May 1628Feys Anna (5019)?
 Marriage24 June 1691Maes Jacobus (Jr) (626) with Pierens Jacoba?
18 century
 Birth30 March 1714Cailliau Joanna Francisca?
 Birth24 May 1783Delefortrie Anna Theresia?
19 century
 Marriage9 September 1812Markè Alexander Jacobus with Delefortrie Anna Theresia?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Oeren 8690 : 1 event

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Alveringem (Oeren)

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Marriage22 September 1880Caron Hubertus Ludovicus with Pylyser Romania Sophia?



Belgium - FOC West Flanders - Oeselgem 8720 : 148 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
17 century
 Birth1600Lippens Pieryne?
 Birth1606Lippens Christoffel?
 Birth1608De Gryp Christine?
 Birth1608Lippens Maria?
 Birth1610Lippens Joost?
 Birth1616Lippens Jacoba?
 Marriage24 February 1629Lippens Christoffel with De Gryp Christine?
 Marriage22 September 1629De Beis Antoine with Lippens Maria?
 Birth11 November 1629Lippens Joanna?
 Birth2 April 1631Lippens Christophe?
 Birth4 December 1632Lippens Liévin?
 Marriage27 July 1635Minnaert Jacques with Lippens Jacoba?
 Death1636Lippens Christoffel?
 Marriage27 January 1655Lippens Joannes (1520) with Van der Stede Maria (1521)?
 Birth14 November 1655Lippens Jacobus (760)Source S534
 Death1656Lippens Christoffel (3040)?
 Marriage2 September 1657Lippens Liévin with Poorters Elisabeth?
 Death1663Heede Anthonyme Van den (3041)?
 Death16 September 1681Lippens Joannes (1520)?
 Death23 February 1684De Gryp Christine?
 Birth31 August 1696Lippens Jacobus?
 Birth14 December 1697Lippens Joanna?
 Death27 December 1697Lippens Joanna?
 Marriage4 April 1699Verheust Judocus (766) with van Tuyne Joanna (767)Source S506
 Birth20 December 1699van Aalst Joannes?
18 century
 Birth23 January 1700Lippens Maria?
 Birth10 February 1700Verheust Joannes?
 Birth23 May 1701Lippens Josephus?
 Birth9 August 1701Verheust Maria Livina?
 Birth3 December 1702Lippens Maria Anna?
 Birth18 March 1703Verheust Joseph?
 Death28 January 1704Lippens Liévin?
 Birth20 May 1704Lippens Petronilla?
 Birth5 February 1706Verheust Franciscus?
 Birth3 April 1706Lippens Joachim (380)Source S508
 Birth17 July 1707Verheust Judoca?
 Birth12 June 1708Lippens Joanna?
 Birth31 August 1708Verheust Catharina (383)Source S504
 Marriage25 February 1710Van den Broecke Antonius (764) with Vercam Judoca (765)Source S494
 Birth16 September 1710Van den Broecke Joseph?
 Birth8 May 1711Verheust Maria Francisca?
 Birth29 January 1712Van den Broecke Joanna Catharina?
 Birth24 April 1714Van den Broecke Joannes (382)Source S493
 Birth30 May 1716Van den Broecke Petrus Joannes?
 Death18 January 1718Lippens Jacobus (760)?
 Marriage15 October 1718Taelman Antonius with Van Parys Elisabeth (761)?
 Birth23 June 1719Van den Broecke Apolinarius?
 Marriage19 September 1722Lippens Jacobus with Clays Judoca?
 Marriage22 September 1722van Aalst Joannes with Lippens Maria?
 Birth30 July 1723Lippens Joannes Joseph?
 Death29 June 1726Van Parys Elisabeth (761)Source S509
 Birth10 September 1726Neirinck Isabella?
 Death4 June 1732Taelman Antonius?
 Birth20 December 1732van Aalst Judocas?
 Death17 March 1733Clays Judoca?
 Death8 April 1733van Aalst Joannes?
 Marriage12 September 1733Lippens Jacobus with de Vos Petronilla?
 Death8 November 1733de Vos Petronilla?
 Marriage8 February 1734Lippens Jacobus with Callier Petronilla?
 Birth20 July 1734Cnudde Jeanne Thérèse?
 Birth28 November 1734Lippens Joannes Baptist (190)Source S490
 Marriage7 October 1736Van den Broecke Joannes (382) with Verheust Catharina (383)Source S492
 Birth12 November 1736Van den Broecke Maria Francisca (191)Source S505
 Birth30 May 1738Van den Broecke Jacobus?
 Birth30 June 1738Lippens Isabella Rosa?
 Birth21 March 1740Van den Broecke Joannes Joseph?
 Birth14 November 1741Lippens Judocus?
 Birth8 November 1743Van den Broecke Maria Catharina?
 Birth12 June 1744Lippens Philippus Jacobus?
 Death16 June 1744Clays Maria (381)Source S501
 Death29 September 1744Lippens Philippus Jacobus?
 Death5 October 1744Lippens Judocus?
 Birth21 January 1746Van den Broecke Petronilla Theresa?
 Death5 October 1746Van den Broecke Petronilla Theresa?
 Death18 November 1746Van den Broecke Antonius (764)?
 Birth10 February 1748Van den Broecke Isabella Birgitta?
 Marriage7 April 1750Lippens Joannes Joseph with Neirinck Isabella?
 Birth24 January 1751Lippens Pierre Joseph?
 Birth26 February 1752Lippens Philippe Jacques?
 Birth14 January 1754Lippens Isabelle Rose?
 Death18 January 1754Lippens Isabelle Rose?
 Birth6 November 1755Lippens Joseph?
 Birth19 May 1757Lippens Isabelle Rose?
 Death26 June 1758Lippens Isabelle Rose?
 DeathJanuary 1759Neirinck Isabella?
 Death4 July 1759Callier Petronilla?
 Marriage2 May 1763van Aalst Judocas with Carton Joanne Therese?
 Birth18 October 1764van Aalst Barbara Therese?
 Marriage30 October 1764Lippens Joannes Joseph with Cnudde Jeanne Thérèse?
 Birth8 August 1765Lippens Angelina?
 Birth27 January 1767van Aalst Petrus Joseph?
 Marriage7 May 1767Lippens Joannes Baptist (190) with Van den Broecke Maria Francisca (191)Source S489
 Birth21 September 1767Lippens Bernard?
 Birth28 January 1768Lippens Carolina?
 Birth28 January 1769van Aalst Maria Anna?
 Birth16 June 1769Lippens Isabella Rosa (95)Source S484
 Birth27 August 1769Lippens Léo?
 Birth22 July 1771van Aalst Maria Theresia Carolina?
 Birth26 February 1772Lippens Bernard?
 Birth19 March 1772Van Wonterghem Coletta?
 Birth8 September 1772Lippens Judocus?
 Birth8 September 1772Lippens Maria?
 Birth7 May 1773van Aalst Joannes Baptiste?
 Death9 August 1773Lippens Jacobus?
 Death22 February 1774Lippens Maria?
 Birth28 July 1775Lippens Célestin?
 Marriage21 May 1778Lippens Philippe Jacques with Horrie Marie-Rose Thérèse?
 Death8 March 1779Verheust Joannes?
 Birth26 June 1780Peirs Ferdinanda?
 Death23 January 1781Lippens Célestin?
 Death5 August 1782Lippens Joachim (380)Source S507
 Marriage19 May 1784Lippens Pierre Joseph with Simpelaere Anne Catherine?
 Death13 November 1785Van den Broecke Joannes (382)Source S510
 Death15 February 1788Lippens Léo?
 Death15 February 1788Lippens Pierre Joseph?
 Death22 August 1790Verheust Catharina (383)Source S503
 Birth22 November 1792Biebuyck Isabelle?
 Death21 June 1794Lippens Joannes Joseph?
 Marriage9 September 1795DeBlauwe Franciscus Xaverius (94) with Lippens Isabella Rosa (95)Source S488
 Birth7 February 1797Deblauwe Coleta (47)?
 Birth8 August 1797Schellaert Bernard?
 Death18 September 1797Lippens Isabella Rosa?
 Birth29 April 1798de Blauwe Charles Louis?
19 century
 Death20 April 1800Lippens Angelina?
 Marriage9 September 1800Bijtebier Francis with Lippens Maria?
 Birth26 December 1801Deblauwe Bernaerd?
 Marriage14 September 1803Lippens Judocus with Peirs Ferdinanda?
 Birth11 November 1803Deblauwe Sophia?
 Birth1 May 1804Lippens Petrus?
 Death17 May 1805van Aalst Judocas?
 Death18 June 1805Carton Joanne Therese?
 Marriage29 January 1806Van Bruynbroeck Jacobus with van Aalst Maria Theresia Carolina?
 Birth17 April 1806Deblauwe Eugenia?
 Death13 May 1807Cnudde Jeanne Thérèse?
 Death19 September 1809Lippens Joseph?
 Death4 February 1810Lippens Joannes Baptist (190)Source S511
 Death4 September 1811Lippens Philippe Jacques?
 Death26 October 1813Lippens Joachim?
 Death11 September 1815Horrie Marie-Rose Thérèse?
 Death17 September 1827Van Wonterghem Coletta?
 Birth13 December 1829Lippens Constantin?
 Death3 May 1831Lippens Bernard?
 Marriage1 July 1837De Smet Romanus with Biebuyck Isabelle?
 Death13 December 1844Bijtebier Francis?
 Death21 December 1848Lippens Maria?
 Death12 January 1852Lippens Judocus?
 Death2 September 1858Peirs Ferdinanda?
 Death28 May 1876Lippens Petrus?

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