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Belgium - FOR East Flanders - Overmere 9290 : 17 events

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Overmere (Berlare), Oost-Vlaanderen

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
17 century
 Marriage7 November 1619Clinckspoor Egidius (1098) with Everaerts Maria (1099)Source S675
 Birth10 August 1620Clinckspoor Anna (549)?
 Birth15 March 1622Clinckspoor Livinus?
 Birth23 February 1625Clinckspoor Elisabeth?
 Birth10 August 1627Clinckspoor Joannes?
 Birth5 July 1629Clinckspoor Marinus?
 Birth24 April 1633Clinckspoor MariaSource S672
 Birth4 October 1635Clinckspoor Egidius?
 Birth27 February 1638Clinckspoor Catharina?
 Marriage30 November 1647de Groeve Jacobus (548) with Clinckspoor Anna (549)Source S660
 Birth1 August 1692de Rijcke Livinus?
18 century
 Marriage21 April 1716de Rijcke Livinus with de Groeve Elisabeth?
 Birth16 October 1719de Rijcke Arnoldus?
 Death10 January 1738de Groeve Elisabeth?
 Death17 September 1739de Rijcke Livinus?
 Birth31 January 1740Appeloos AdrianusSource S608
 Death19 July 1788de Rijcke Arnoldus?



Belgium - FOR East Flanders - Parike 9661 : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth14 July 1815Van Den Berghe Sophia?



Belgium - FOR East Flanders - Petegem-aan-de-Leie 9800 : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Birth1764Bijtebier Francis?



Belgium - FOR East Flanders - Ressegem 9551 : 36 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
17 century
 Marriage6 August 1678Augustijn Adrianus (266) with van Melckebeke Maria (267)Source S554
 Birth7 June 1680Augustijn Petrus?
 Birth17 April 1683Augustijn Adriana?
 Birth19 December 1684Augustijn Catharina?
 Birth14 June 1686Augustijn Judoca (133)Source S553
 Christening14 June 1686Augustijn Judoca (133)?
 Birth28 February 1687Augustijn Maria?
 Birth28 August 1689Van Melckebeke Joannes?
 Birth26 August 1692Van Melckebeke Elisabeth?
 Birth18 November 1693Van Melckebeke Adrianus (132)Source S552
 Christening18 November 1693Van Melckebeke Adrianus (132)?
 Birth12 February 1697Van Melckebeke Joanna?
18 century
 Birth7 January 1701Van Melckebeke Balthasar?
 Birth6 January 1705Van Melckebeke Gerardus?
 Death24 September 1711de Neef Anna (265)?
 Marriage1 July 1718Van Melckebeke Adrianus (132) with Augustijn Judoca (133)Source S550
 Death19 April 1719Van Melckebeke Franciscus (264)?
 Burial20 April 1719Van Melckebeke Franciscus (264)?
 Birth8 September 1719Van Melckebeke Petrus Joannes?
 Birth26 August 1721Van Melckebeke Petrus Franciscus (66)?
 Death22 September 1721Van Melckebeke Adrianus (132)Source S549
 Burial23 September 1721Van Melckebeke Adrianus (132)?
 Birth6 April 1743Van Melckebeke Maria Francisca?
 Birth5 February 1745Van Melckebeke Anna Judoca?
 Birth1 January 1747Van Melckebeke Joa Theresia?
 Birth12 November 1748Van Melckebeke Joannes?
 Birth26 November 1750Van Melckebeke Jacobus?
 Death23 September 1751Augustijn Judoca (133)Source S548
 Burial24 September 1751Augustijn Judoca (133)?
 Birth10 March 1754Van Melckebeek Adriana (33)?
 Birth2 April 1757Van Melckebeke Franciscus?
 Birth23 April 1761Van Melckebeke Adrianus?
 Death28 August 1764Van Melckebeke Maria Francisca?
 Death8 March 1783Lens Catharina (67)?
 Marriage16 August 1785Meert Josephus (32) with Van Melckebeek Adriana (33)?
 Death14 February 1790Van Melckebeke Petrus Franciscus (66)?



Belgium - FOR East Flanders - Ronse 9600 : 4 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Birth27 November 1750Gheerolfs Marie Catherine?
19 century
 Birth20 August 1805Beatze Balduinus?
 Birth4 March 1830Campion Hyppolite?
20 century
 Death13 February 1902Meert Emilia Louisa?



Belgium - FOR East Flanders - Scheldewindeke 9860 : 2 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth19 May 1828Van Herweghe Rosalia?
 Death10 March 1863Van Herweghe Isidorius?



Belgium - FOR East Flanders - Semmerzake 9890 : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
21 century
 Death9 January 2012Carron Michel?



Belgium - FOR East Flanders - Sinaai-Waas 9112 : 199 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Marriage?Van Mele Charles Louis with Onbekent Marie Louise?
 Death?Pauwels Anna Cornelia?
18 century
 Birth6 April 1703De Meese Judoca Petronella?
 Birth13 December 1733De Bock Joannes?
 Marriage14 January 1748Van Meele Egidius with Verbrugghe Margaretha?
 Death30 June 1748Verbrugghe Margaretha?
 Marriage19 November 1754Van Meele Egidius with De Beul Petronella?
 Birth20 December 1755Van Mele Philegon?
 Birth20 April 1757Van Mele Egidius Francies?
 Birth29 April 1759Van Mele Josephus?
 Marriage1 May 1759De Bock Joannes with Fierens Maria Francisca?
 Death24 May 1759Van Mele Egidius Francies?
 Birth13 October 1760Van Mele Egidius?
 Death1 April 1763Van Mele Egidius?
 Birth15 August 1763Van Mele Joannes Baptista?
 Death6 July 1764De Bock Judocus?
 Birth31 July 1765Van Mele Joanna Josine?
 Death3 August 1765Van Mele Joanna Josine?
 Death12 November 1766Van Mele Joannes Baptista?
 Death15 August 1767De Beul Petronella?
 Death13 June 1771De Meese Judoca Petronella?
 Marriage2 June 1772Van Meele Egidius with Pauwels Anna Cornelia?
 Birth19 April 1773Van Mele Maria Amelberga?
 Birth28 July 1774Van Mele Isabella Theresia?
 Death17 November 1774Van Meele Egidius?
 Birth23 April 1775De Bock Joseph Emmanuel?
 Death8 April 1789De Bock Joannes?
 Birth9 June 1790Van Mele Joannes Baptista?
 Birth4 February 1792Van Mele Marie Josephine?
 Birth19 May 1794Van Mele Isabella Theresia?
 Marriage9 May 1796Audenaert Jacobus with Van Mele Isabella Theresia?
 Birth18 January 1797Van Mele Joanna Catherine?
 Birth18 January 1797Van Mele Judocus?
 Death7 February 1797Van Mele Judocus?
 Death12 February 1797Van Mele Joanna Catherine?
 Birth18 October 1798Van Mele Pieter Francies?
19 century
 Death27 February 1801Van Mele Marie Josephine?
 Marriage27 April 1801De Bock Joseph Emmanuel with Van Mele Maria Amelberga?
 Birth22 July 1821Van Mele Mauritia Coleta?
 Birth24 November 1823Van Mele Aloysius Josephus?
 Birth22 November 1824Van Mele Charles Louis?
 Birth14 February 1827Van Mele Amatus?
 Death12 April 1827Van Mele Isabella Theresia?
 Death13 April 1829Van Mele Pieter Francies?
 Death23 December 1829Van Mele Maria Amelberga?
 Death12 September 1834Van Mele Josephus?
 Death15 October 1835Van Mele Joannes Baptista?
 Death3 August 1837Van Mele Isabella Theresia?
 Marriage10 December 1850Van Mele Aloysius Josephus with De Bock Maria Sabina?
 Birth14 August 1852Van Mele Prudent?
 Birth18 December 1853Van Mele Polidoor Benjamin?
 Birth26 May 1854Van Mele Marie Florence?
 Birth21 May 1855Van Mele Emilius?
 Death15 June 1855Van Mele Emilius?
 Birth6 August 1855Van Mele Leonie Marie?
 Birth31 October 1855Van Mele Victorine?
 Birth13 November 1856Van Mele Gustaaf?
 Birth30 March 1857Van Mele Honoré?
 Birth27 May 1857Van Mele Franciscus Xaverius?
 Birth29 October 1857Van Mele Benoni?
 Birth19 February 1858Van Mele Alphonsus?
 Birth21 September 1858Van Mele Marie Louise?
 Death12 November 1858Van Mele Marie Louise?
 Birth7 May 1859Van Mele Octavie?
 Birth6 August 1859Van Mele Edgar Francis?
 Death1 October 1859Van Mele Edgar Francis?
 Birth12 February 1860Van Mele Marie Anthonia?
 Birth15 May 1860Van Mele Emma?
 Birth13 January 1861Van Mele Edgar Jacobus?
 Birth25 March 1861Van Mele Franciscus?
 Birth19 April 1862Van Mele Marie Sidonie?
 Birth2 May 1862Van Mele Petrus Jacobus?
 Birth3 May 1862Van Mele Adolf?
 Birth29 July 1862Mariën Felix Polydoor?
 Death4 November 1862Van Mele Petrus Jacobus?
 Birth4 May 1863Van Mele Marie Stephanie?
 Birth17 June 1863Van Mele Marie Hortense?
 Birth28 November 1863Van Mele Sofia?
 Birth3 December 1864De Coninck Philemon?
 Birth23 March 1865Van Mele Maria Honoria?
 Birth28 April 1865Van Mele Honoré?
 Marriage21 June 1865Van Mele Petrus with Vercammen Anna Fidelia?
 Birth18 September 1865Van Mele Marie Catherine?
 Death9 October 1865Van Mele Maria Honoria?
 Birth18 December 1865Van Mele Stefaan?
 Birth5 September 1866Van Mele Maria Coleta?
 Death11 May 1867Van Mele Marie Catherine?
 Birth8 November 1867Van Mele Marie Clemence?
 Birth7 January 1868Van Mele Pieter Leopold?
 Birth21 February 1868Van Mele Desiré?
 Birth8 March 1868Sterckx Augusta Francisca?
 Birth3 July 1868Van Mele Pelagia?
 Birth17 November 1868Van Mele Nn?
 Death17 November 1868Van Mele Nn?
 Death18 February 1869Van Mele Maria Coleta?
 Birth12 May 1869Van Mele Leopold?
 Birth12 February 1870Baeyens Maria Catharina?
 Birth7 March 1870Van Mele Emiel?
 Birth17 April 1870Van Mele Marie Antonia?
 Birth29 August 1870Van Mele Domien?
 Birth29 August 1870Van Mele Karel Lodewijk?
 Death25 September 1870Van Mele Domien?
 Death2 October 1870Van Mele Karel Lodewijk?
 Birth22 June 1871Van Mele Charlotta Maria?
 Birth13 April 1872Van Mele Rosalia Sidonia?
 Birth3 August 1874Van Mele Nn?
 Death3 August 1874Van Mele Nn?
 Birth21 August 1874Van Mele Adolf?
 Death12 September 1874Van Mele Adolf?
 Birth19 September 1875Van Mele Marie Thérèse?
 Death18 December 1875Van Mele Rosalia Sidonia?
 Birth24 March 1878Van Mele Marie Elodia?
 Birth16 October 1880Van Mele Emma?
 Birth23 January 1881Van Mele Theophiel David?
 Death7 August 1881Van Mele Emma?
 Marriage1881Van Mele Alphonsus with De Bruyne Marie Octavia?
 Birth24 September 1883Van Mele Frans?
 Marriage1884Van Mele Gustaaf with De Schepper Petronella Theresia?
 Death30 June 1886Van Mele Benoni?
 Birth15 September 1886Van Mele Sidonie?
 Death6 October 1886Van Mele Sidonie?
 Birth29 December 1886Van Mele Nn?
 Death29 December 1886Van Mele Nn?
 Marriage1887Bral Ivo with Van Mele Marie Anthonia?
 Death9 January 1889Van Mele Pelagia?
 Birth31 July 1889De Wolf Edmond?
 Birth15 December 1889Van Mele Alida Maria?
 Marriage1889Van Mele Edgar Jacobus with De Bruyne Louisa Coleta?
 Birth28 October 1890Van Mele Augusta Louisa?
 Birth21 November 1890Van Mele Alois Antoon?
 Death27 December 1890Van Mele Augusta Louisa?
 Marriage1890Van Mele Franciscus with Sonnemans Maria Francisca?
 Birth18 October 1891Van Mele Augusta Louisa?
 Birth29 December 1891Van Mele Alfons Georges?
 Birth24 November 1892Van Mele Achiel Alfons?
 Death6 January 1893Van Mele Achiel Alfons?
 Birth9 April 1893Van Mele Achilla?
 Birth17 April 1893Van Mele Achiel Frans?
 Marriage22 July 1893Van Mele Stefaan with Sterckx Augusta Francisca?
 Birth19 December 1893Van Mele Clement Gustaaf?
 Birth12 February 1894Van Mele Willem?
 Birth3 April 1894Van Mele Marie Louise?
 Death4 May 1894Van Mele Willem?
 Birth13 May 1894Van Mele Leopoldina Elvira?
 Death23 October 1894Onbekent Marie Louise?
 Birth8 December 1894Van Mele Karel?
 Birth10 February 1895Everaert Eveline?
 Death13 February 1895Van Mele Karel?
 Birth29 May 1895Van Mele Julius Alfons?
 Death10 August 1895Van Mele Julius Alfons?
 Birth20 April 1896Van Bocxlaer Maria Coleta?
 Birth16 December 1896Van Mele Clara Joanna?
 Birth22 January 1897Meuleman Cyriel?
 Birth21 March 1897Van Mele Pius?
 Birth26 May 1897Van Mele Elisa Stefanie?
 Death14 December 1897Van Mele Pius?
 Birth12 February 1898Van Mele Jozef Fideel?
 Death8 March 1898Van Mele Elisa Stefanie?
 Death23 June 1898Van Mele Leopoldina Elvira?
 Birth28 August 1898Van Mele René Desiré?
 Marriage28 October 1898Van Mele Leopold with Baeyens Maria Catharina?
 Marriage16 May 1899Mariën Felix Polydoor with Van Mele Sofia?
 Marriage7 June 1899De Coninck Philemon with Van Mele Marie Elodia?
 Birth27 August 1899Van Mele Pieter Camiel?
 Death17 September 1899Van Mele René Desiré?
 Birth26 October 1899Van Mele Nn?
 Death26 October 1899Van Mele Nn?
20 century
 Birth2 January 1900Vercauteren Adriana?
 Death6 February 1900Van Mele Charles Louis?
 Birth13 February 1900Van Mele Elvijre Marie?
 Birth13 February 1900Van Mele Philemon Arthur?
 Death6 March 1900De Bock Maria Sabina?
 Birth7 March 1900De Coninck Jeanne?
 Death3 June 1900Van Mele Marie Elodia?
 Birth29 August 1900Van Mele Anna Fidelia?
 Birth19 July 1901Van Mele Herman?
 Birth25 January 1903Varewijck Augusta?
 Birth21 October 1903Van Mele Honoré?
 Birth24 July 1906De Prijcker Zulma?
 Birth9 June 1908Van Mele Frans?
 Death7 November 1917Van Mele Frans?
 Marriage14 September 1921Robyn Ernest with Van Mele Elvijre Marie?
 Birth19 January 1922De Wolf Hilda?
 Death20 June 1922Van Mele Petrus?
 Marriage19 February 1927Van Mele Joseph Stefaan with Audenaert Romania?
 Marriage19 February 1928Van Mele Florentius with Everaert Eveline?
 Death4 November 1933De Prijcker Zulma?
 Death28 August 1935Van Mele Marie Florence?
 Death16 December 1947Sterckx Augusta Francisca?
 Death18 June 1948De Coninck Philemon?
 Death9 August 1950Varewijck Augusta?
 Death3 February 1953Everaert Eveline?
 Death20 April 1956Van Mele Marie Thérèse?
 Death10 October 1957Van Mele Honoré?
 Death5 July 1967Van Mele Honoré?
 Death21 January 1970Van Mele Elvijre Marie?
 Death10 February 1974Van Mele Achilla?
 Death1 February 1978De Wolf Edmond?
 Death11 October 1981Robyn Ernest?



Belgium - FOR East Flanders - Sint-Amandsberg 9040 : 6 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Death25 July 1877Van Mele Mauritia Coleta?
20 century
 Birth28 September 1907Mertens Albert Adolphe?
 Birth19 June 1920De Decker Alice?
 Marriage17 December 1927Mertens Albert Adolphe with Haeck Elvire Germaine?
 Death16 February 1938Carron Augustine (E.Z. Philomène Henriette)?
 Birth16 May 1962De Wulf Martine?



Belgium - FOR East Flanders - Sint-Denijs-Westrem 9051 : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Death9 June 1981Meert Jozef Freddy?



Belgium - FOR East Flanders - Sint-Gillis-bij-Dendermonde 9200 : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth4 January 1880Cornelis Petrus Frans?



Belgium - FOR East Flanders - Sint-Gillis-Waas 9170 : 32 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Birth30 May 1758de Vleeschouwer Isabella Theresia?
 Marriage13 August 1765Van Hal Josephus with Wuylens Maria Catharina?
 Death30 January 1774de Vleeschouder Judocus?
 Death20 July 1790Van Heirtvelde Maria Anna?
19 century
 Birthabout 1837van Landeghem Leonard?
 Birth22 March 1840Van Duyse LudovicusSource S69
 Birth7 February 1870Meersschaert Joanna?
 Birth22 February 1872Van Duyse RosalieSource S70
 Birth30 April 1873Van Duyse ClementinaSource S71
 Birth13 October 1874Van Duyse AlfonsiusSource S72
 Birth1875Van Duyse N.N.?
 Birth8 August 1878Van Duyse AloysiusSource S73
 Birth21 March 1880Van Duyse Angelina MariaSource S74
 Birth2 January 1882Van Duyse EdwardSource S75
 Birth4 November 1883Van Duyse Elodia MariaSource S65
 Birth20 January 1886Van Duyse JoannesSource S76
 Birth6 March 1888Van Duyse Anna Maria MagdalenaSource S77
 Birth10 December 1889Van Duyse AugustusSource S78
 Death28 February 1890Van Duyse Augustus?
 Birth7 February 1891Van Duyse Gustaaf RudolfSource S79
 Birth29 February 1892Van Duyse Gustaaf RudolfSource S79
 Marriage16 November 1892Van Riet Aloysius with Van Duyse Clementina?
 Marriage3 February 1893Van Bogaerde Franciscus with Van Duyse Rosalie?
 Birth22 November 1893Van Duyse Margareta MariaSource S79
 Birth23 October 1895Van Duyse TheofielSource S79
 Birth28 December 1895Daelman Magdalena?
20 century
 Birth24 July 1902van Goethem Martha Maria?
 Birth13 April 1919Van Steenlandt Gustaaf?
 Birth27 March 1920Van Steenlandt Edmond?
 Birth2 January 1929Van Stappen Gustaaf?
 Death7 November 1986Van Steenlandt Evelina?
 Death1 March 1996van Goethem Emerentia?



Belgium - FOR East Flanders - Sint-Jan-in-Eremo 9982 : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth16 October 1825De Clercq Karel Francis?



Belgium - FOR East Flanders - Sint-Laureins 9980 : 5 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth3 September 1836Overmeire Henrica Francisca?
 Marriage22 February 1860De Clercq Karel Francis with Overmeire Henrica Francisca?
 Birth31 March 1873De Clercq Maria Julia?
 Death15 December 1877Overmeire Henrica Francisca?
 Death29 March 1879De Clercq Karel Francis?



Belgium - FOR East Flanders - Sint-Niklaas 9100 : 187 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Birth?De Cauwer Josephus Bernardus?
17 century
 Birth11 June 1690Latteur Joannes Franciscus (402)?
18 century
 Marriage11 November 1703Baert Joannes (844) with Broeckman Elisabeth (845)Source S723
 Birth14 May 1713De Cauwer Petrus Franciscus?
 Birth25 January 1715De Cauwer Joanna Petronella?
 Birth25 January 1717De Cauwer Judoca Maria?
 Birth8 June 1719De Cauwer Josephus Bernardus?
 Birth12 July 1722De Cauwer Joannes Antonius?
 Birth5 August 1728De Cauwer Isabella?
 Birth30 July 1745Maes Mattheus?
 Death13 December 1745De Cauwer Josephus Bernardus?
 Birth12 July 1765Penneman Joanna Carolina?
 Christening13 July 1765Penneman Joanna Carolina?
 Birth14 November 1774Maes Amelberga Francisca?
 Christening14 November 1774Maes Amelberga FranciscaSource S100
 Birth28 November 1780Rotthier Joannes Adrianus?
 Birth1798van Puijvelde Idonia Egidia?
19 century
 Birth27 October 1802De Schepper Evelina Francisca?
 Birthabout 1810D'Hondt Petrus Henricus?
 Birth10 October 1813Van Eyck Josephus Godefridus?
 Birth21 November 1813de Block Josephina Pulina?
 Death24 September 1829Maes Mattheus?
 MarriageJuly 1833Van Eyck Josephus Godefridus with de Block Josephina Pulina?
 Birth18 April 1834Meert Carolus?
 Birth23 June 1834Van Eyck Henricus Desiderius?
 Death14 August 1834Meert Carolus?
 Birth25 September 1836Meert Emilia Louisa?
 Birth12 May 1838Van Eyck Eulalia (Eulalie) Fidelia Joanna?
 Birth17 December 1839De Schepper Florimond?
 Birth28 November 1842Meert Honorine Marie Jeanne?
 Birth17 November 1848Meert Emile Baudouin Jean Baptiste?
 Birth21 August 1852Peersman Maria Ludovica?
 Birth12 November 1857d'Hanens Edmond Victor Ghislain Marie?
 Birth27 July 1863Van Eyck Oscar Josephus Gislenus Henricus?
 Birth4 August 1863Van Dionant Gabriella Sophia Charlotte?
 Marriage18 November 1865Meert Petrus Maria Gislenus with Van Eyck Eulalia (Eulalie) Fidelia Joanna?
 Birth1 September 1866Meert Paulus Egidius Maria Gislenus?
 Birth1867Meert Josephus?
 Death1868Meert Josephus?
 Birth10 November 1869Meert Josephus Carolus Gislenus Petrus?
 Birth20 November 1869Van Steenlandt Andreas Alphonsus?
 Death25 May 1870Van Steelant Raymondus?
 Birth1 July 1870Van Riet Aloysius?
 Birth10 October 1870de Schepper Marie Louise Ghislaine?
 Birth1871Meert Joanna Henrietta?
 Death26 March 1872de Block Josephina Pulina?
 Birth1872Meert Joanna Emilia?
 Death1872Meert Joanna Henrietta?
 Death21 January 1873De Schepper Evelina Francisca?
 Death9 March 1873Van Eyck Josephus Godefridus?
 Death1874Meert Joanna Emilia?
 Marriage28 July 1875Van Mele Joannes with Peersman Maria Ludovica?
 Birth1875Meert Raymondus?
 Birth6 February 1876Van Mele Petrus?
 Birth8 April 1877Van Mele Fidelia Sidonia?
 Death1877Meert Raymondus?
 Birth25 January 1879Meert Edmond Paulus Josephus Antonius?
 Birth16 May 1879Van Mele Alphonsus?
 Birth13 October 1879Weyens Anna Catharina Maria?
 Death3 November 1879Van Mele Alphonsus?
 Birth28 August 1880Meert Leo Maria Josef Gislenus Antonius?
 Birth29 April 1881Van Puyvelde Elisa Bertha Maria?
 Birth4 March 1882Meert Jeanne Eugénie Marie Anne?
 Birth4 February 1883Meert Robert?
 Death5 February 1884Meert Jean Baptiste?
 Birth29 February 1884Meert Alice?
 Birth13 March 1884Van Mele Camillus?
 Birth23 June 1884Bracke Maria Leontina?
 Death29 August 1885Meert Robert?
 Birth26 February 1886Meert Maurice Désiré Emile Robert Honoré?
 Birth17 March 1886Van Mele Maria Philomena?
 Birth19 September 1887Meert Albert?
 Birth1 March 1889Van Mele Rosalia?
 Marriage2 September 1889Meert Paulus Egidius Maria Gislenus with Van Dionant Gabriella Sophia Charlotte?
 Birth9 January 1890Meert Marie Rose?
 Birth31 May 1890Meert Petrus Paulus Henri?
 Birth8 December 1890Van Mele Eduardus Leonardus?
 Marriage24 February 1892Van Steenlandt Andreas Alphonsus with Van Cauteren Leonia?
 Marriage7 June 1892d'Hanens Edmond Victor Ghislain Marie with de Schepper Marie Louise Ghislaine?
 Death7 December 1892Meert Marie Rose?
 Birth23 December 1892Meert Gérard Désiré Alphonse Lucien?
 Birth22 February 1893Van Mele Maria Suzanna?
 Birth1 February 1894Van Eyck Marcel Honore Oscar Elisa?
 Birth26 November 1894Meert André?
 Birth11 June 1895Van Mele Margareta?
 Birth10 October 1895d'Hanens Alice Josephine Marie Ghislaine?
 Birth13 October 1895Verwilghen Lucie?
 Birth7 March 1897De Bosschere Louisa?
 Birth8 March 1897Van Mele Bertha Philomena?
 Death8 March 1899Van Steenlant Vitalis?
 Birth2 August 1899Van Mele Maria Alice?
20 century
 Marriage license31 March 1907Rooms Aloysius with Van Duyse Elodia MariaSource S95
 Death1 April 1907Megroedt Dephina?
 Marriage10 April 1907Rooms Aloysius with Van Duyse Elodia MariaSource S94
 Death25 August 1909Van Dionant Gabriella Sophia Charlotte?
 Marriage7 September 1909Mertens de Wilmars Albert Marie Antoine Joseph with Meert Jeanne Eugénie Marie Anne?
 Marriage31 January 1911Meert Edmond Paulus Josephus Antonius with Van Puyvelde Elisa Bertha Maria?
 Marriage25 March 1911Meert Petrus Paulus Henri with Weyens Anna Catharina Maria?
 Birth15 November 1911Meert Marcel Edmond Alice?
 Birth17 June 1912Van Driessche Caroline?
 Birth2 December 1912Rooms Maria Julia Aloysius?
 Birth17 December 1914Rooms Petrus Alphonsius?
 Death8 July 1915Rooms Petrus Alphonsius?
 Birth8 August 1916Rooms Eduardus Alphonsius?
 Marriage25 September 1916Meert Maurice Désiré Emile Robert Honoré with d'Hanens Alice Josephine Marie Ghislaine?
 Birth12 August 1917Meert Emile Marie Gerard André Joseph?
 Birth23 November 1917Van Cauteren Yvonne?
 Birth10 February 1919Meert Pierre Marie Albert Ghislain?
 Death14 March 1919Meert Honorine Marie Jeanne?
 Birth4 April 1919Meert Blanche Eulalia Maria Alice?
 Marriage21 May 1919Meert Gérard Désiré Alphonse Lucien with Verwilghen Lucie?
 Death24 July 1920Van Eyck Marcel Honore Oscar Elisa?
 Death24 August 1920Meert Alice?
 Birth15 December 1920Meert Luc Edmond Jean Ghislaine Benoît?
 Death22 January 1922Meert Emile Baudouin Jean Baptiste?
 Birth21 February 1922Rooms Elisabeth?
 Death17 December 1922Peersman Maria Ludovica?
 Death30 March 1924Van Duyse Ludovicus?
 Birth22 May 1924Lyssens Franciscus Augustus JoannaSource S23
 Christening23 May 1924Lyssens Franciscus Augustus Joanna?
 Birth29 August 1926Rooms Marcel Albertus MariaSource S37
 Death25 December 1927Van Mele Joannes?
 Death14 October 1928Meert Petrus Maria Gislenus?
 Death28 November 1928De Schepper Florimond?
 Marriage license22 June 1929Vereecken August Stephanus with Rooms Margareta Maria?
 Event for22 June 1929Vereecken August Stephanus with Rooms Margareta MariaSource S99
 Marriage25 June 1929Vereecken August Stephanus with Rooms Margareta Maria?
 Birth26 October 1929Meert Jacqueline?
 Death24 June 1930Van Eyck Oscar Josephus Gislenus Henricus?
 Birth23 August 1930Wuytack Maria Mathilda Catharina?
 Christening23 August 1930Wuytack Maria Mathilda Catharina?
 Marriage10 December 1930Van Duyse Edward with De Rechter Maria Coleta?
 Marriage4 February 1931Rooms Albertus Alphonsius with Van Driessche Caroline?
 Death21 May 1932De Rechter Maria Coleta?
 Death13 May 1933Van Mele Herman?
 Birth3 July 1934Meert Lucie?
 Death3 March 1936Van Puyvelde Elisa Bertha Maria?
 Death2 September 1938Dubois Ida Jeanne?
 Marriage27 June 1939Parys Emiel Petrus with Rooms Maria Julia Aloysius?
 Marriage10 May 1940Rooms Eduardus Alphonsius with Van Cauteren Yvonne?
 Death27 October 1941Busschaert Henri?
 Marriage9 May 1946Van Kerchove Roger with Rooms Elisabeth?
 Birth26 October 1946Van Kerchove François Jozef Elodia?
 Death25 January 1948Van Duyse Elodia MariaSource S66
 Death6 June 1950Van Duyse Rosalie?
 Death5 August 1954Van Duyse Clementina?
 Death5 January 1955Meert Maurice Désiré Emile Robert Honoré?
 Death21 June 1957Rooms Aloysius?
 Death1 July 1959d'Hanens Alice Josephine Marie Ghislaine?
 Death15 April 1960Van Riet Aloysius?
 Death26 March 1961Meert Edmond Paulus Josephus Antonius?
 Death11 July 1963Van Duyse Edward?
 Death20 May 1970De Smedt Aime?
 Death30 April 1971Vereecken Jeanne Elodia Theophiel?
 Death30 July 1971Rooms Eduardus Alphonsius?
 BurialAugust 1971Rooms Eduardus AlphonsiusSource S21
 Death12 December 1973Meert Gérard Désiré Alphonse Lucien?
 Death26 July 1974Verwilghen Lucie?
 Death19 January 1976Van Duyse Margareta Maria?
 Death21 February 1976Audenaert Romania?
 Death11 October 1976De Bosschere Louisa?
 Death12 June 1981Parys Emiel Petrus?
 Burial16 June 1981Parys Emiel PetrusSource S34
 Death4 October 1981Van Mele Bertha Philomena?
 Death9 November 1983De Smet Gabrielle?
 Death22 March 1986Van Mele Florentius?
 Death4 May 1989Van Driessche CarolineSource S34
 Death5 May 1989Vaerewijck Magdalena?
 Burial10 May 1989Van Driessche CarolineSource S34
 Death28 November 1989Heyninck LodewijkSource S21
 Death9 December 1990Rooms Albertus AlphonsiusSource S34
 Burial14 December 1990Rooms Albertus AlphonsiusSource S34
 Death7 September 1991Rooms Maria Julia AloysiusSource S34
 Burial11 September 1991Rooms Maria Julia AloysiusSource S34
 Death29 November 1992Meyers Cyriel?
 Death5 April 1994Van Kerchove Roger?
 Death18 June 1995Meert Luc Edmond Jean Ghislaine Benoît?
 Death11 July 1995Van Stappen Gustaaf?
 Death3 April 1997Naessens Domien?
 Death28 October 1997Van Wynsberghe Hubert?
21 century
 Burial17 April 2000Wuytack Maria Mathilda CatharinaSource S34
 Death16 September 2002Lyssens Franciscus Augustus Joanna?
 Burial20 September 2002Lyssens Franciscus Augustus Joanna?
 Death4 April 2004Verbist Gustaaf Alfons Jozef?
 Burial13 August 2005Mertens de Wilmars Louisa?
 Death22 August 2005Van Kerchove François Jozef Elodia?
 Death15 December 2007De Vliegher Albert?



Belgium - FOR East Flanders - Sint-Pauwels 9170 : 14 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
17 century
 Birthabout 1645Wittock Joannes (786)?
18 century
 Marriage29 June 1712Wauters Martinus (392) with Wittock Joanna (393)?
 Death21 March 1715de Bock Maria (787)?
 Birth3 January 1716Wauters Joannes Petrus (196)?
 Death20 April 1722Wittock Joannes (786)?
 Death31 May 1741Wauters Martinus (392)?
 Death17 January 1766Wittock Joanna (393)?
19 century
 Birth14 April 1814Ongena Petrus Joannes?
 Birth8 January 1857Ongena Theophiel?
 Birth26 October 1890Ongena Guillaume Charles?
20 century
 Birth8 December 1906Vereecken August Stephanus?
 Birth10 October 1929Vereecken Jeanne Elodia Theophiel?
 Christening13 October 1929Vereecken Jeanne Elodia Theophiel?
 Burial20 April 1988Rooms Margareta MariaSource S34



Belgium - FOR East Flanders - Stekene 9190 : 85 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?Van Steenlandt Maria Ludovica?
 Burial?De Vliegher Henricus?
 Burial?Vaerewijck Magdalena?
 Burial?van Goethem Emerentia?
18 century
 Birth26 October 1742Wuylens Maria Catharina?
 Birth26 December 1772Borm Josephus?
 Birth21 February 1777Van Waesberghe Hubertus Donatus?
19 century
 Birth18 January 1800Verstraeten NN?
 Birth1803Claes Josephus?
 Birthabout 1810de Praeter Ludovica?
 Birth23 December 1821Nachtergael Juliana (25)Source S165
 Death27 May 1857Verstraeten NN?
 Death1860Van Mele Maria Judoca?
 Birth5 January 1867De Geest Maria Ludovica?
 Birth25 January 1868Van Hoye Veneranda?
 Birth28 May 1879de Windt Maria Ludovica?
 Birthabout 1879van Vlierberghe Aloijsius?
 Death2 June 1882Daelman (onwettig) Fidelia?
 Birth5 March 1885de Letter Joannes Franciscus?
 Birth17 June 1886Audenaerde Benignus?
 Birth9 July 1888De Vliegher Henricus?
 Birth20 September 1888De Smedt Aime?
 Birth30 January 1889Van Steenlandt Maria Ludovica?
 Birth20 August 1892Van Steenlandt Josephus?
 Marriage1 May 1894Van Mele Dominicus Augustinus with De Geest Maria Ludovica?
 Birth19 January 1895Steenput Leopold August?
 Birth13 July 1895Van Steenlandt Alouis?
 Birth9 February 1896Raes Augustien Leonard?
 Birth12 July 1898De Wilde Alice?
 Birth23 February 1899Van Steenlandt Emma Maria?
 Death19 June 1899Van Steenlandt Emma Maria?
20 century
 Birth3 August 1900Van Steenlandt Evelina?
 Birth9 May 1901Vervaet Emiel?
 Marriage13 November 1902Van Mele Desiré with Van Hoye Veneranda?
 Birth12 August 1905Dhanis Leon?
 Birth4 March 1906Van Mele Elza Fidelia?
 Birth26 November 1906van Goethem Emerentia?
 Birth11 April 1907Van Steenlandt Edmond Pieter?
 Birth6 September 1907Van Mele Rachel?
 Birth7 November 1907Meyers Cyriel?
 Death9 July 1910Van Steenlandt Edmond Pieter?
 Birth28 May 1911Van Steenlandt Magdalena?
 Marriage31 July 1912De Vliegher Henricus with Van Steenlandt Maria Ludovica?
 Birth7 February 1914De Vliegher Leon?
 Christening8 February 1914De Vliegher Leon?
 Birth19 September 1915De Vliegher Albert?
 Christening20 September 1915De Vliegher Albert?
 Birth20 May 1916Vaerewijck Magdalena?
 Death2 February 1917Kimpe Cecilia Juliana?
 Birth30 November 1917De Vliegher Margareta?
 Death27 January 1919De Vliegher Margareta?
 Birth3 April 1920De Vliegher Cyriel?
 Christening4 April 1920De Vliegher Cyriel?
 Birth19 December 1922D'Hollander Julia Camilla Stefanie?
 Christening20 December 1922D'Hollander Julia Camilla Stefanie?
 Birth8 February 1924De Vliegher Reguul?
 Christening10 February 1924De Vliegher Reguul?
 Birth11 December 1926De Vliegher Magdalena?
 Death13 December 1926De Vliegher Magdalena?
 Death7 January 1927Van Steenlandt Maria Ludovica?
 Birth3 February 1927van Goethem Roger Karel Lodewijk Jozef?
 Death6 April 1928van Goethem Roger Karel Lodewijk Jozef?
 Marriage8 August 1928Van Mossevelde Josephus Hubertus with Van Mele Elza Fidelia?
 Birth25 November 1928Van Bastelaere Yvette?
 Death15 October 1934Van Steenlandt Andreas Alphonsus?
 Death24 August 1935de Witte Isabella?
 Death10 March 1939Van Mele Desiré?
 Death25 July 1940Steenput Leopold August?
 Marriage3 November 1943De Vliegher Leon with D'Hollander Julia Camilla Stefanie?
 Death13 August 1948Van Cauteren Leonia?
 Marriage2 September 1948De Vliegher Cyriel with Van Bastelaere Yvette?
 Death17 May 1949van Goethem Aloisius?
 Death26 July 1953De Vliegher Henricus?
 Death25 September 1961Daelman Magdalena?
 Death8 March 1973Bleijenberg Ludovicus?
 Death9 January 1979Van Steenlandt Alouis?
 Death14 February 1985De Vliegher Cyriel?
 Burial20 February 1985De Vliegher Cyriel?
 Burial31 July 1986Van Steenlandt Edmond?
 Burial14 November 1986Van Steenlandt Evelina?
 Death27 October 1991Van Steenlandt Gustaaf?
 Death23 November 1998Van Steenlandt Magdalena?
21 century
 Death18 April 2002Van Bastelaere Yvette?
 Burial24 April 2002Van Bastelaere Yvette?
 Burial21 December 2007De Vliegher Albert?

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