Pylyser Alouisius Cornelius_ + Caron Augusta Maria Cornelia_
Pylyser Gaston Cornelius__
Pylyser Luc Aloysius Alfonsus Cornelius__Pylyser Marc Alfonsius__Pylyser Rita Maria_Pylyser Erik Marcel__Pylyser Colette Marie Louise__

Pylyser Gaston Cornelius_ + Meesdom Margaretha Flora_
Pylyser Luc Aloysius Alfonsus Cornelius__
Pylyser Marc Alfonsius__
Pylyser Rita Maria_
Pylyser Erik Marcel__
Pylyser Colette Marie Louise__
Pylyser Denis Frederic Luc__Pylyser Benoit Mathieu_Pylyser Elise Marguerite_
Pylyser Sophie__Pylyser Eline_
Pylyser Stijn__Pylyser Sara__
Vanquaethem Sven_Vanquaethem Jelle_Vanquaethem Annelies_

Pylyser Luc Aloysius Alfonsus Cornelius_ + Nyssen Vera Louise_
Pylyser Denis Frederic Luc__
Pylyser Benoit Mathieu_
Pylyser Elise Marguerite_
Pylyser Harold Gaston Luc Henri_Pylyser Roxane Elise_

Pylyser Marc Alfonsius_ + Schakman Yvette Zenobie_
Pylyser Sophie__
Pylyser Eline_
Vanlerberghe Andreas_Vanlerberghe Jonas_

Pylyser Erik Marcel_ + Vandevoorde Linda_
Pylyser Stijn__
Pylyser Sara__
Pylyser Lotte_
Demets Janne_

Pylyser Denis Frederic Luc_ + Leten Delphine Marianne_
Pylyser Harold Gaston Luc Henri_
Pylyser Roxane Elise_

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