Markey Jacques (1248)_ + Pieren Jacquemyne (1249)_
Markey Joannes (624)__
Markey Joannes__Markey Jacobus__Markey Petrus_Marcquč Franciscus (312)__Marquey Bertholomeus__Markey Isabella_Markey Maria Joanna_

Pieren Mailliaert (2498)_ + Vandergoote Jacquemyncken (2499)_
Pieren Jacquemyne (1249)__
Markey Joannes (624)__

Markey Jacques (2496)_ + Le Conte Passchyne (2497)_
Markey Jacques (1248)__
Markey Joannes (624)__

Le Conte Pieter (4994)_
Le Conte Passchyne (2497)__
Markey Jacques (1248)__

Markey Joannes_ + Metsu Jacquemyncken_
Markey Pieternelle_
Markey Isabelle Clare_

Metsu Jan_ + Quersten Jacquemyne_
Metsu Jacquemyncken__
Markey Pieternelle_Markey Isabelle Clare_

Markey Jacobus_ + Vandenberghe Wullemynken_
Markey Gillis__
Markey Jan Baptist__
Markey Pieter Jacobus__
Markey Joanna Theresia_
Markey Willemyncken Therese_
Markey Isabella Clara_
Markey Marie Anne_
Markey Dorothea Constantia Francisca_Markey Isabella Cornelia_Markey Phelagie Victoria_Markey Mary Joanne Markey_Markey Pieter Jacobus Arnoult__Markey Joannes Cornelis_
Markey Mary Joanne_Markey Cecilia Josepha Constantia_Markey Regina Cornelia Josepha_Markey Joannes Jacobus_Markey Rose Clare Constantia_Markey Philippus Jacobus_Markey Mary Anne Barbara_
Markey Maria Jacoba_Markey Joanna Dorothea_Markey Mary Joanne_Markey Pieter Joannes_Markey Jacobus Ignatius__Markey Ludovicus Franciscus_

Vandenberghe Gillis_ + De Werck Marie_
Vandenberghe Wullemynken__
Markey Gillis__Markey Jan Baptist__Markey Pieter Jacobus__Markey Joanna Theresia_Markey Willemyncken Therese_Markey Isabella Clara_Markey Marie Anne_

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